525 Chandler Street

Chandler Street Magnet School

This school will be transformed as part of the 2018 POW! WOW! happening from August 31st to September 9th!

POW! WOW! 2018 Murals will be painted by artists Dragon76, Erik Nasinnyk, Jesse Smith, Mary Murph, StickMonger, Stikki Peaches, and Woes Martin.
When the structure at Chandler Street Magnet School first opened as the Chandler St. Junior High School in 1953, Architectural Forum Magazine ran a feature story on its design. The national interest in the structure stemmed from its designers – the Architects Collaborative of Cambridge founded by Walter Gropius – and its economy costing only $13 per square foot to build and equip. As school construction soared across the country with the swelling Baby Boom, cost mattered and the Architects Collaborative design was cheap and fast to construct. While Gropius was already internationally recognized as a founder of the Bauhaus School of Architecture when his firm came to Worcester, he is said to have been actively involved in designing the school on Chandler Street.