455 Pleasant St.

Pleasant and Hudson St. Mural on C.C. Lowell

It is only appropriate for the Hudson St. side of C.C. Lowell to be sporting a gorgeous Nicky Davis mural, as this is the destination for most street artists in the city. With shelves of spray cans, this art supply store is hopping come POW! WOW! Time. Although C.C. Lowell is relatively new to this location, generations of local artists have patronized the company as its Worcester history dates back to 1852, making it the oldest continuously operating art supply store in the country.

J.C. White opened the store in 1852, but Charles C. Lowell purchased the store after many years serving its customers. In the early 20th-century, the store moved to Pearl Street, where it expanded its offerings, even selling gasoline for a time as the first automobiles hit the city. Although the shop moved to different retail spaces, C.C. Lowell continued to operate through the mid-1960s. When the business passed outside the family, the commitment to quality service remained intact. In October 2012, long time general manager of C.C. Lowell, Kristen Sciascia, purchased the store and eventually moved the store to it spacious new location on Pleasant St.