158 Southbridge St.

Mural at George’s Coney Island

Worcester natives Ryan Gardell and Kai Griffiths did not go hungry while at work on their collaborative 2017 POW! WOW! Mural at 158 Southbridge, since they scored the exterior wall of Worcester’s famed eatery, George’s Coney Island Hot Dogs.

Worcester has few landmarks as iconic as the 40-foot neon sign of a giant hotdog dripping flashing neon mustard that beckons hungry hordes to George's Coney Island. Little has changed over the years at this eatery and this is a major reason why Worcester remains devoted to it hotdogs and secret chili sauce. George Tsagarelis purchased an already established luncheonette in 1927 from a woman who also shared her chili recipe. He rechristened it George’s Coney Island and was joined in the business by his wife, Cathreine A. Angelopoulos Tsagarelis, when they married in 1930. Their granddaughter, Kathryn Tsandikos, still owns and runs the lunch counter, conscious of the legacy that her grandparents bequeathed her.