50 Water Street

On the Corner of Harding Street and Water Street

Once the home of a bottling company, a wholesale shoe factory and a prominent Jewish social welfare organization, 50 Water Street is now home to LOCK 50, one of the Canal District's exciting new restaurants.

Spencer Keeton Cunningham created this mural in 2016 at Worcester's inaugural POW! WOW!

The mural protests the Dakota Access Pipeline. Cunningham describes the work as: "Here in this painting I created a black oil soaked coyote/canine/wolf. He has 2 arrows in both of his hands [and] black drips fall from the area where the arrows reside. An old fashioned symbol of oil is placed above the creatures back. Representing the modern and historic oil dilemma at hand. A broken arrow lies below, an old fashioned envelope above, as a symbol of a message being sent. [...] Below his foot is a stick of dynamite about to go off. Above his head there is a symbol of an old fashioned bomb. It is an esoteric painting. But it is up to the public to decide it's true meaning. It is intended to reference that either the creature here is a victim in a tumultuous situation or has he ignited the dynamite and just thrown the bomb towards his opposition."